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'Baby Massage is the most beautiful bonding experience; you and your baby will be surrounded in a bubble of oxytocin'.

Babies grow so quickly and the focus of my classes is to cherish your baby’s first year by creating special memories. You will tune into your baby’s needs and observe and learn about their cues.  You will be taught techniques to aid relief from colic, teething and congestion, as well as help relax them and aid sleep. You will learn about infant mental health, their social and physical development and be able to support their progression. You will laugh and smile with your baby and come away feeling blessed to be a parent. You will also meet like-minded parents, who can offer support and friendship on this beautiful journey.

Baby Massage has been proven to have a positive impact on parents’ wellbeing and their relationship with their baby. Touch is a baby’s first sense and so it acts as a form of communication between them and their parent, allowing them to feel loved and reassured.  When babies are born, they often struggle with their new surroundings and touch is how we allow them to feel nurtured. Lots of research has been carried out, mainly on pre-term babies which has found benefits such as faster weight gain, an increase in relaxation and babies spending less time in hospital.


Baby Massage has been around for hundreds of years and is used across the world to help welcome babies, allowing them to feel emotionally secure and soothed. Babies need human interaction to thrive and massage can help babies to release tension and stress that may arise from having to adapt to life outside of the womb. It is an amazing way to learn about your baby’s cues, so that you are more confident in responding to their needs. Each week we will cover a different part of the body and re-cap each week, so that if you miss a session you will not miss out.