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Baby Yoga shares many benefits to massage and is a great follow on class. It is perfect for babies as they start to become more curious with movement and exploration. You will learn all about your baby’s physical development and use movement and song to support their growth. You will learn how to implement play-based learning and have lots of fun and laughter with them using songs, movement, swings and dips. Classes focus on post-natal health too and support restoring your pelvic floor and muscles that may need strengthening after birth. They include breathing techniques, meditation, yoga inspired poses for parents and lots of discussions on well-being.


Babies grow so quickly and the focus of my classes is to cherish their first year by creating special memories. You will tune into your baby’s needs and observe and learn about their cues.  You will also meet like-minded parents, who can offer support and friendship on this beautiful journey.

“When we talk to and play with baby, we promote learning and positive behaviour in childhood, and physical and emotional health in later life”
Dr. Andrew Macnab

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Baby yoga is an amazing way to promote communication and bonding between parent and baby. It is a great way to include developmental play and promote health and developmental benefits. Baby yoga increases sensory awareness and promotes tummy time, in the form of positions, movement, swings and dips.

Baby yoga is about a parent and child bonding, communicating and learning together through play. Yoga stimulates a baby’s five senses through massage, movement, touch, gentle stretches, plus two others which are less well-known: the sense of balance & movement (vestibular system) and the sense of body position (proprioceptive system). All stretches and movements are accompanied by songs to strengthen communication and develop baby’s sense of rhythm and language.

Baby yoga includes yoga inspired poses for parents too, to help strengthen their post-natal body. Parents are nurtured and learn to nourish their body through gentle stretches and breathing exercises.

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