Antenatal Courses in Wiltshire

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Ultimate Antenatal Hypnobirthing  course 

Birth & Beyond

The only course you'll need to do to prepare for birth and arrival of your baby

Session 1

  • How labour begins

  • How the uterus works

  • Why is labour painful

  • Wave breathing

  • Hormones

  • Language 

  • Pain

  • Relaxation

  • Hypnosis

  • The brain

  • Affirmations

  • Breathing

Session 2

•The Importance of the Birthing Environment

•Choosing where to have your Baby

•Local Knowledge

•Who is going to be in the room- Dream Birthing Teams

•Get Specific

•The Birth Partner’s role

•Birth Preferences 

    Session 3

  • Physical & emotional preparations

  • Pelvic floor

  • Perineal massage

  • Pre-natal Bonding

  • EDD

  • Induction of labour

  • Natural induction methods

  • Special Circumstances

  • How to deal with distraction

Session 4

  • Early Labour & 7 signs

  • Birth positions

  • What labour feels like

  • Labouring at home- when to leave

  • When happens when you arrive

  • If labour slows or rests

  • Working with the care provider

  • Birthing phase

  • Birth Breathing

  • Transition& crowning

  • Meeting Baby

  • Cord & placenta

Session 5

  • Positive Breastfeeding Preparation

  • Understanding the science behind breastfeeding 

  • The connection between your mind & body

  • Preparation

  • Using your instincts

  • Connecting with your baby

  • Relaxation

  • Anatomy of the breast

  • Milk supply

  • Latching 

  • Feeding positions

  • When to get support

Session 6

  • The fourth trimester 

  • The Golden Hour

  • Skin to Skin

  • Infant microbiome 

  • Womb to world 

  • Newborn nurture

  • Swaddling

  • Colic massage 

Full antenatal hypnobirthing
Pregnancy & Birth 

This  includes everything from pregnancy to birth in detail.

  • The science behind your pregnant body and your baby’s too.
  • Understand the physiology of birth or abdominal birth.
  • Learn how to be able to relax in both pregnancy and your birth
  • Learn how to create the nest environment for a calm birth
  • Learn how to be able to make informed decisions and navigate around unexpected turns.
  • Know what to include in your birth preferences
  • Know how to allow for optimal positioning for a shorter birth
  • Understand the role and importance of the birth partner
  • Know how to maximise bonding when baby arrives
  • Fourth trimester and feeding.

This Course is an antenatal course for those that have limited time or a limited budget (Wiltshire and online). It is a condensed 2 hour workshop that covers the basic techniques of hypnobirthing.

  • Your birthing body- the science behind birth

  • Breathing Techniques for pregnancy, birth and beyond

  • Connection between the mind and body in birth

  • Hormones- how these can either help or hinder your birth 

  • Affirmations- how to focus on the positive in birth

  • B.R.A.I.N.S- how to deal with unexpected twists and turns

  • Environment- where to birth and how to optimise your surroundings

This course is designed if this is not your first baby but you want to make friends and refresh on birth education. You will meet other parents in the same stage as you. 

2 sessions (5.5 hours)

  • Your birthing body- the science behind birth

  • Connection between the mind and body in birth

  • Hormones- how these can either help or hinder your birth 

  • Affirmations- how to focus on the positive in birth

  • B.R.A.I.N.S- how to deal with unexpected twists and turns

  • Managing other children with a newborn.

  • Feeding preparation

  • Newborn Nurture 


Birth Basics

Second Timers- Plus

Birth Packages


Exclusive Nurture Package

Antenatal Hypnobirthing Course

Mindful Breastfeeding Preparation

Mindful Breastfeeding Support after birth

Newborn Nurture/ Baby Massage 1-1


Nurture Package

Antenatal Hypnobirthing Full Course

Mindful Breastfeeding Preparation OR Baby Massage 1-1 session


Have you been told that you are having a planned Caesarean?


It is extremely beneficial to mother and baby to still use hypnobirthing techniques for a caesarian and self hypnosis has been known to reduce anxiety, reduce blood pressure, lower heart rate, increase haemodynamic stability (less blood loss), 

Lower perceived level of pain and Lower the risk of complications during surgery

  • How you can prepare for your birth

  • Mind/ Body Connection

  • What to expect during your caesarean birth

  • Ways you can personalise your delivery 

  • What to expect as a birth partner

  • Your birth preferences 

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques

  • Fourth trimester- feeding and bonding with your baby immediately after the birth

  • Recovering from your birth

Gentle C-section Preparation

Included in every full course

  • 10 plus hours antenatal education- Group Course, Private session

  • Information and Resources on all things Pregnancy & Birth- related, including a booklet.

  • A Gift Bag containing The Calm Birth School book by Suzy Ashworth amongst other treats for you!      (Full Course only)

  • Access to the downloadable affirmation & relaxation MP3s.

  • Access to the exclusive Calm Birth School facebook group which offers support & guidance throughout your pregnancy & has a wealth of lovely birth stories for you to enjoy.

  • Me at the end of the phone!